Mario Loprete

My name is Mario Loprete. I'm an italian artist. I wish show you my artistic project . Painting for my is the first love. An important, pure love. Creating a painting, starting from the spasmodic research of a concept with which I want to send a message to transmit my message, it’s the base of my painting. The sculpture is my lover, my artistic betrayal to the painting. That voluptous and sensual lover that gives me different emotions, that touches prohibited cords… In this year, I worked exclusivly at my concrete sculptures . For my Concrete Sculptures I use my personal clothing. Throughout some artistical process, in which I use plaster, resin and cement, I transform them in artworks to hang. My memory, my DNA, my memories remain concreted inside, transforming the person that looks at the artworks a type of post-modern archeologist that studies my work as they were urban artefacts. I like to think that those who look at my sculptures created in 2020 will be able to perceive the anguish, the vulnerability, the fear that each of us has felt in front of a planetary problem that was covid 19 ... under a layer of cement there are my clothes with which I lived this nefarious period. clothes that survived covid 19, very similar to what survived after the 2,000-year-old catastrophic eruption of Pompeii, capable of recounting man's inability to face the tragedy of broken lives and destroyed economies. In the last 2 years about 250 international magazines wrote about my work turning on the spotlight on my art project , attracting the attention of important galleries and collectors. I believe much in this project and I hope that I can exhibit in important art spaces other those already in program: -from 4th september at North Carolina University of Charlotte -from 1st october at Bibliotheke of Venlo in Netherlands -from 5 may 2023 at AVAPAI COLLEGE PRESCOTT ART GALLERY of Prescott Arizona U.S.A. -in september 2022 at Falkirk Cultural Center - SAN RAFAEL - U.S.A. -in September 2023 at DOMINICAN UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA in SAN RAFAEL - U.S.A.

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