Catherine Bell

´╗┐Catherine Bell is a best-selling author, transformational leader, poet, and Founder of The Awakened Company. With a reputation for radical innovation, she co-founded one of the fastest-growing organizations and now consults to elevate corporate cultures globally. Her approach, founded on her practical experience, business research, and best-selling book, blends passion, purpose, and playfulness to ignite organizational change.

She has two upcoming audiobooks with Sounds True on Relationships and Creativity with her colleague, Russ Hudson.

Catherine also spearheads The Awakened Project, a social venture aimed at lifting women out of poverty through entrepreneurship. Holding an MBA from Smith (Queen's School of Business) and a Sociology degree, she is Riso-Hudson Enneagram certified and a yoga instructor.

Beyond work, Catherine, a wife and mother, enriches her life through yoga, travel, and a broad palette

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