Advertising with [Alternate Route]:
A Statistical Sample

We have an active community of readers, writers, that would love to look at your ad(s) and learn about your business. We receive ~60 users/week and are at ~500 events, with an average engagement time of over 40s. Our user stickiness, a measure of engagement, is in the 11-47% over the course of weeks to months, trailing. Nearly every page in our site's directory tree has received at least one to a few visitors historically, showing that our content is well-versed and keeps the needs of our audience in mind.

If you are a community-oriented organization, a literary-arts-focused organization owner, or just a wealthy Stark-like, do consider advertising with us to increase your numbers. We can be contacted at <editor at alternateroute dot org> to discuss opportunities.

Finally, if you are published in [Alternate Route] or enjoy our work, it would mean the world to us if you could spread the word. Thank you.

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